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Two Performances Saturday, Aug 10th

From 1PM to 2PM and From 3PM to 4PM

Champions Forever Presents the “Spin – tacular Basketball Show”

Zig Ziggler once said, “Success comes when opportunity meets preparation!” Bruce & Diane Crevier and their family have been preparing for years for the opportunity to meet you and your group! So prepare yourself for an opportunity that will impact you, your students, teachers, players, congregation or business associates in their quest for success! Champions Forever Next Level Presentation is impacting people of all ages and from all walks of life. Bruce and Diane Crevier and their family have been in over 1000 public and private schools, colleges, camps, churches, Upward Basketball Celebrations, Libraries, State Fairs, Civic Organizations, Malls, Businesses, Television Shows, & Basketball Halftime Shows across USA and the world!

The Entertainment Show: Champions Forever performs their Spin – tacular Basketball Entertainment Show for Halftimes, Fairs, Parades, and anywhere you want an action packed program that is pure entertainment. These go from 6 min. to 45 min. As Finalist of America’s Got Talent, their Halftime Shows have been touted as one of the most entertaining shows in the nation! They have performed back to back halftime appearances for the NBA Finals – Game 3 in 2015, and Game 6 in 2016. Your audience will not be disappointed!

Champions Forever Next Level Presentations for Businesses, Churches, Colleges & Schools: Do you want your workers, your congregation, your athletes and students to succeed? Of course you do! If people don’t feel good about themselves personally, then their performance on the job, on the field, or in the classroom suffers, many times along with everyone around them.

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Date: Aug 10, 2019
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