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Demolition Derby Rules

Date: Aug 10, 2019

2019 Lyon County Fair Derby Rules

Rules for all classes (NO Gray Area Building!!!)

  • All Drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Those under 18 will be required to have a legal guardian for a signature.
  • All drivers must wear seat belts, a full face helmet, & eye protection. Gloves are recommended.
  • No drugs or alcoholic beverages in the pit area before and during the derby in Tyler. No drugs or alcoholic beverages in the pit area before, during, or after the derby in Marshall.
  • No riders on cars at any time.
  • The driver is responsible for all members of the pit crew! Any rules found violated can result in disqualification of the driver, pit crew, & car, and may also forfeit any winnings, entry fee, & trophy.
  • Mechanical work is to be done on the cars in the pit area only.
  • No displaying of foul, profane, or suggestive wording or decorations.
  • Tyler Pits open at 11:00 AM & must be in line by 1:30 PM, Marshall pits open at 3:00 PM & must be in line by 5:30 PM. ( there will be no refunds if you fail inspection or get disqualified)
  • All glass, plastic, mirrors, trailer hitches and brackets, chrome trim, door handles, gas tanks, ALL air bags, and any loose objects must be removed.
  • Every car must have at least 2 wheels with working brakes.
  • Must have a 15 x 15 inch roof sign with your car number.
  • Must have a 15 x 15 inch hole in the hood in case of fire.
  • All hoods must be open for inspection.
  • May weld a steel window net on driver’s door.
  • Driver’s door may be welded solid and may have a brace on the outside not to exceed 6 inches past the door seams.
  • Must have a windshield chain or bar 2 max attached to the roof & firewall ( no more than 6 inches may be welded to the roof or firewall)
  • Batteries must be on the front passenger floor secured in a metal box or metal straps and must be covered. A limit of 2 batteries. ( NO milk crates)
  • Floor shifters are allowed. Rear ends may be welded for posi traction.
  • Gas tanks must be mounted behind the driver’s seat or in the middle with a 6 gallon max. There must be a shut off switch if using an electric fuel pump! Steel tanks only! You may use a gas tank protector and only attach it to the seat bar no more than 30 inches wide from outside to outside and at least 1 inch from any sheet metal on all sides and 2 inches from the floor.
  • Fuel lines must be incased in garden hose from tank to motor if high pressure lines are not used and must be run inside of the car NOT under the car!!!
  • May run tranny coolers must use high pressure lines, no fuel lines with hose clamps.
  • May pull down pre-ran car/truck frames and plate bent spot with ¼ inch plates 1 inch past the bend, no longer than a 6 inch plate in front and 10 inch in the back. Must have a 1 inch gap between plates. No doubling the plates on the side of the frame. Must be able to see the bent spot! A max of 20 inches of plates per side frame rail.
  • May patch rust holes with ¼ inch plates 1 inch past the hole on each side. Must be able to see hole above or below plate. Do not cut rust spot out!
  • May run a chain or wire to connect the frame rails behind the rear axle.
  • May weld in a seat bar, dash bar, & side bars using up to a 6 inch by 6 inch tubing max. May have 1 down bar or tube welded to the frame between the dash bar and seat bar. May have a halo bar welded to the frame and bolted to 2 places on the roof.
  • Any factory car bumper is allowed and may be stuffed inside for the cars. For the trucks any factory pick up or SUV bumper is allowed and may also be reinforced. Please weld them on good!!! We don’t want to stop the derby to pick up bumpers. NO homemade bumpers.
  • May use motor, tranny, & factory rear end of your choice.
  • If it is not in the rules don’t assume you can do it, call to make sure it is allowed.
  • NO self-tapping screws!!!!

Full Size Chain Stock Cars

No Gray Area Building!!!!

  • Any full size car expect 1973 & older Imperials, Imperial Sub Frames, 1969 & older Lincolns, noconvertibles, hearses, & limo’s.
  • 2003 & newer Crown Vic’s, Lincoln’s, & Mercury’s are allowed but front & rear suspension must remain stock.
  • Motor must remain in stock location and may weld the motor mounts. Lower engine cradles may be used but no pulley protectors. No distributor protectors. No tranny braces.
  • Only stock radiators in stock location. May use up to 1 inch threaded rod thru the frame, core support, & hood with a max of 5 inch by 5 inch plate bolted only not welded.
  • May use any factory car rear end, this does NOT mean converting a coil spring car to leafs!
  • No slider drive shafts.
  • 15 inch tires max, valve stem protectors are OK.
  • May wire or chain with 3/8 chain max, #9 wire max all seams.
  • May chain or bolt A-arms solid to a bumper height of 27 inches to the top of the bumper. Only 1 bolt per side up to ¾ inch.
  • May have a rear window bar/tube, 2 inch by 2 inch tube max or 3 inch by ¼ inch bar max. May be bolted only! 6 inches on roof and 6 inches on trunk starting at the front trunk seam.
  • No seaming any fenders or doors. May cut a V in the top of the frame at the rear. May tuck 50% of the trunk lid down and bolted or wired in 2 places. May dish trunk up to 4 inches and kink rear quarters up to 4 inches. NO folding fenders down in trunk!
  • No #9 wire used inside of car.
  • No adding extra body bolts. No alterations or pre-bending, must remain factory stock unless specified.

Compact Weld Class

  • Only 4 and 6 cylinder motors.
  • 111 inch wheel base max for front wheel drive. 105 inch wheel base max for rear wheel drive.
  • Body Bolts can be replaced with up to 1 inch bolts with up to a 4 inch by 4 inch plate.
  • Hoods may be bolted in up to 6 spots with 4 going to the frame with a 5 inch by 5 inch plate max.
  • Trunk may be bolted in up to 4 spots with a 5 inch by 5 inch plate max.
  • No gussets front or rear.
  • May pre-bend but no WEDGES!! May seam fenders & doors. May tuck, dish, or fold in trunk but NO WEDGES!! May fold in fenders and bolt to floor. Fender wells may be bolted with 8 – 3/8 bolts.
  • Front suspension may be bolted or welded solid. Leaf springs may be clamped in 4 spots. Coils may be doubled, wired, or chained.
  • May use motor & tranny of choice.Cradles, distributor protectors are OK. Any style of drive shaft is OK. Any car rear end is OK.
  • May use a radiator barrel but must be bolted in 4 spots and must run a vent tube under the car. May use electric fans. May weld a 2 inch by 2 inch ¼ inch thick angle iron on top of core support.
  • May stuff any factory car bumper and use any factory bumper bracket or brackets that are up to 20 inch by 4 inch by 1/8 inch thick and must stop in front of the suspension.
  • Driver cage can only be 5 feet from dash bar to seat or halo bar, outside to outside.

Full Size Limited Weld Trucks

  • ½ or ¾ ton trucks only! (4x4 are allowed with the front drive shaft removed) SUV’s & crew cab trucks are OK.
  • Gas tanks must be metal and 6 gallons max, securely bolted behind the cab in a metal box or frame and covered.
  • Bumpers – any car, pick-up, or SUV bumper may be used and can be stuffed.
  • Any tire or wheel allowed, split rims must be welded in at least 8 spots per rim. No wheel weights.
  • Must use stock suspension, may chain, wire, or bolt front suspension solid with a max height of 30 inches to the top of front bumper, 24 inch minimum rear bumper height.May add 2 extra leaf spring clamps per side.
  • Body must remain factory but may add 4 extra body bolts for the cab and 4 extra body bolts for the box. 1 inch max bolts and 4 inch by 4 inch max plate size.
  • May use 1 inch threaded rod thru the frame, core support, & hood. Bolted only not welded with a 5 inch by 5 inch plate max. Hoods may be wired, chained, or bolted in 6 other spots for a total of 8.
  • You may run a lower engine cradle but no pulley protectors, distributor protectors, or tranny braces allowed.
  • Driver’s door may be welded solid, passenger door and tail gate may be wired, chained, bolted, or welded 5 on 5 off. No welding the cab to the box!
  • May use up to 6 inch by 6 inch tubing for the cage. May have 1 down tube per side anywhere from the dash bar to the seat bar. Halo bar may be welded to the frame and bolted to the roof in 2 spots. MUST have a roll bar!!! Roll bar or Halo bar may have 2 kicker that attach to the front side of the wheel wells in the box attached to box only.
  • May use drive shaft loops.

Kids Power Wheels

  • Must be 8 years old or younger. No modifying car at all, must be stock. No using of car batteries. There will be no money, but we will have some kind of reward for the kids. There will be a kids Derby in Tyler and Marshall.


Entry Fees are $50 at the gate and $35 preregistered.

Must be received by August 3rd mailed or by August 4th in person at Fair office during Fair. Make checks payable to Lyon County Fair. Mail to Lyon County Fair, P.O. Box 141, Marshall, MN 56258

Both Derby’s will be $1000 for 1st, $600 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd, $150 for 4th, & $50 for 5th. All 3 classes will have the same payout and have trophies for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Also $100 and a trophy for Mad Dog.

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