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General Information

Free admission and parking!!
Any person or group that conducts a protest action must limit its activity to the location designated by the Fair Board. The designated located is "South Side, West End, Outside of the County Shop Building." NO entrances or exits can be obstructed or limited in any way.
MEALS: Many vendors are on the grounds for all your dining needs, such as Holy Redeemer Church and the Lyon County 4-H food stands.

GATES: Open between 7am and midnight daily. Only authorized persons allowed on grounds between midnight and 7am.

PETS: No dogs or pets, other than handicapped assistance animals shall be permitted on fairgrounds or any buildings or tents during the fair unless they are a part of an authorized act, exhibit or competition.

MIDWAY: Pending Board approvals, there will be a Circus with specialty acts and other fun activities.

EXHIBIT & COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS: These will be open at 11 AM; Open class building also opens at 11 AM. No exhibit including 4-H can be released before 4 PM on the final day of the county fair. Early removal will result in loss of premium money. All animals and pets exhibited at the fair must follow State Department of Animal Health Rules.

RULES & REGULATIONS: 1. The Lyon County Agricultural Society management reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of, connected with or incident to the Fair.
2. The management reserves the right to amend or add to these rules as it in its judgment may deem advisable.
3. All concession people and exhibitors should have their supplies on the ground by 5 PM on Wednesday and 11 AM Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Saturday open at 9:30 AM.

ENTRY INFORMATION: Open Class: See daily hours that buildings open. No exhibits will be accepted after 10 AM into judging. Exhibitors may be left to be left displayed ONLY. Entries stop at 10 AM.
Exhibitor Fees: $2 if postmarked by Wednesday July 31st, 2019. $5 if postmarked after August 1 or on Entry Day.
Entry Days: Tuesday August 6 - 4 PM to 7 PM, Wednesday August 7 - 7 AM to 10 AM (Prefer Preregistered Items)
Premiums: 1st- $2, 2nd- $1.50, 3rd- $1 *unless otherwise indicated
Online Entries: $2- payable at fair

Deadline to online register is 8 pm on August 5th, 2019.
1. Entries are open to persons living in Lyon County and all outside areas.
2. Only one entry may be made in one class by one exhibitor and from one plot or far.
3. Shortage in measure or count will disqualify a same from competing.
4. Entry blanks will be furnished to each person making entries and such blanks must be filled out in the language of the premium book as to Department, Division and Class.
5. Every article for competition must correspond in number description with the premium list and be in proper division in order to obtain premiums.
6. No animal or article unworthy of a premium shall receive one, even though there may be no competition. Where there is no competition in the class, the animal or article will not receive premium higher than its merit deserves.
7. The Executive Committee will take every precaution in its power for the preservation of its articles and stock on exhibit, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur either during their delivery upon the grounds, their exhibition or their removal.
8. No change or alterations will be permitted after the books are placed in the hands of the judges; and all persons entering animals must be sure the stock is placed in the appropriate class or it is the duty of the judges to rule out any animal not answering to the entry.
9. Members of the awarding committee shall not consult with others on the merits of the animals or articles they are judging.
10. Any person attempting to interfere with the awarding committee during the adjudication shall forfeit the premium he or she might otherwise be entitled to in that division.
11. Nothing shall be entered as special if it is not listed in the premium book.
12. Premiums will be awarded unless the article does not come to the judge's standard.
13. When there is nothing in a class deserving a premium the judge or committee shall make no award. Lack of competition shall not be the cause of withholding a premium, if the animal or article be worthy, except, where otherwise provided. The regular premium offered by the Ag Society cannot be changed except by consent of the parties interested. Championship will not be awarded unless there is competition.
14. Judges or committees (especially those on animals) shall give reason for their decisions embracing the value or desirable qualities of the animals or articles to which premiums are awarded.
15. No advertising matter will be allowed to be placed on any articles or on any walls of any of the stalls or places where articles are placed for exhibit and competing premiums, until after the judging has been done and awards have been placed.
16. All entries in Department A- Horses. See division for rules.
17. All animals and articles entered are to remain in place on the grounds until 4 PM, the last day of fair.
18. The date for computing the ages of horses entered shall be January 1.
19. The Fair Board will not supply hay or bedding.
20. No person should be allowed to distribute any advertising matter on the grounds except from their placed of business of exhibit. Tacking or posting bills is prohibited.
21. Should circumstances beyond the control of the Ag Society prevent the usual attendance an thus diminish funds as to fall short of funds to pay premiums in full, they will be paid prorated.
22. All vouchers for premiums awarded will be mailed to the exhibitors receiving the award as soon after the close of the Fair as the fair office can complete the premium awards. These vouchers will be drawn on the Treasurer and can be cashed at any bank with in 90 days after issuance or they will be void.


Registration: All 4-H exhibits need a completed Fair Registration Form submitted to the Extension Office by July 1st. Only registered items will receive premiums.
*For exhibit rules contact the Lyon County Extension Office; 500 Fairgrounds Road, Marshall, MN 56157 (green building across from Public Works on the Fairgrounds); (507) 532-8219
Email Amanda Kesteloot- Lyon County Extension Support Staff:
Email Sam Jens- Lyon County 4-H Program Coordinator:

Entry Days: Pre-Entry Day- Monday August 6 from 2pm to 6pm
Livestock: Wednesday August 8, Stalled by 5pm

Exhibition of Livestock in Minnesota: Summary of State Rules Exhibitions-
2018 Fair vet: Dr. Matt Evans, Marshall
*If your animal needs treatment you are responsible for payments.
*All livestock will be examined on day of entry by official vet.
*We are not responsible for injuries of your livestock

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